Clay County Moonshine Daze
  August 28th - 30th Weekend

Celina, Tennessee
in the Upper Cumberland Mountains

Howdy folks...

Just wanted to let y'all know what's a happen in'.

Seems like ole Mother Nature is not being cooperative during the month of May, so everyone thought it would be a good idea to change to a later date...

We're gonna try to make go of the festival this year. August 28th - 30th



Event Leaders & Coordinators are needed to help with the long list of events that go during the festival, such as the famous funny YEEHAW variety show. Contests like Kiss the Pig, Greased Pig chase. Purdiest Hen & Rooster Contest are just a few.
If you have some spare time to get involved we want to bring you into the fold.
Contact the Clay County Chamber of Commerce at 931-243-3338.